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Why do relationships fade, either at work or in personal relationships? For over 30 years, Dr. Jim Goldstein has been using his unique insights into human nature to restore optimism while helping people to recapture the joy and excitement they felt when these important relationships first began.

Dr. Goldstein is an electrifying speaker. His insight, coupled with dynamic delivery, self-effacing humor, and a wonderful gift for imitation make his presentations fascinating and entertaining. Audiences laugh as they learn, yet they think about what he has said long after he is gone.

Jim’s expertise is in creating Powerful Partnerships. His understanding of human nature and motivation has allowed him to help thousands of people to accomplish their goals and get what they want without resorting to manipulation. He tailors his inspiring message to your particular audience so that people are not just entertained and educated but excited to use new, useful tools for relating to others that create partnerships wherever they go.

Jim is available to speak on subjects including:

Powerful Partnerships – How to Get People to Want to Do What You Want

What distinguishes a powerful relationship from a forceful one? How can you foster partnerships with everyone you meet? Discover how you can speak and act in a way that has people wanting to please you, follow you and join you wherever you are going. The key to success lies in removing the elements of force that produce resistance in others.

How to Recover from “The First Glitch”

Why do some of the most promising relationships often end sooner than we’d like? Whether interacting with a new boss, a new employee or a new romantic interest, we begin most relationships with good intentions and positive expectations. It’s only a matter of time, however, before the “first glitch” happens, causing us to step back and reassess our original feelings.

The first glitch is nobody’s fault but it is a determinative factor in all relationships. If not handled properly, we become overly cautious as the hope and optimism that we first felt begins to fade. There’s good news – that terrifying first glitch can lead to a positive experience.

Dr. Jim Goldstein shows audiences how to transform glitches into opportunities for creating stronger, more authentic relationships. Not only can these experiences restore excitement, they even help us feel better about others than we did before the glitch.

This presentation is overwhelmingly popular with college-age students and with corporate audiences.

How to Handle Difficult People

Are some people in your life just hard to get along with? Does interacting with a particular person zap you of your energy? Do you ever leave a conversation feeling like you just received a small “paper cut?”

Let Dr. Jim Goldstein show you how to transform relationships with difficult people in your life:

  • Persistently negative people
  • Chronic complainers
  • People who are constantly angry
  • Uncommunicative types
  • Overly critical personalities

With humor, perspective and insight, Dr. Jim Goldstein shows you a unique way to be with all of these difficult people. The transformation that takes place leaves you feeling unscathed and actually uplifted by future interactions with personalities like these.

How to Recover From an Affair

Not in all cultures but certainly in ours, affairs often signal the end of a relationship.  Usually, there was a problem with the relationship, upset feelings that weren’t effectively dealt with and the affair is a kind of acting out on those feelings. Even though affairs involve sex, they are more often about unresolved upset and anger.  Dr. Goldstein has a different perspective on affairs and helps people heal from them.  With his help, affairs can signal a turning point for a couple and chance to create a deeper more authentic and fulfilling relationship once the wounds have healed.  It’s not easy but it can be very worthwhile when you tackle forgiveness and work to rebuild trust.

Demand Qualities

People rarely second-guess assumptions. Does everyone perceive you and your company the way you want to be seen and heard? People make judgments very quickly based on often superficial appearances. In this presentation, Dr. Jim Goldstein has you re-examine your own demand qualities: aspects of your presentation that demand a particular interpretation. Finally, he shows you how to be seen the way you wish to be seen.

Why We Want What We Want

Ever wonder why we want the particular things in our life? While every human being desires things every day, our wants are not arbitrary but are often based on our early experiences and, more importantly, what we made those experiences mean. By understanding how wants are formed we can understand ourselves better as well as the motivations of those around us.


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