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Teaching you to transform your most important relationships…It’s what Dr. Jim Goldstein does – and he does it with sincere passion.

In response to the need for clear, concise communication in both business and personal relationships, Jim developed a concept and process, Powerful Partnerships®, which teaches people to speak truthfully, without causing defensiveness or hurt feelings. As a result, people become more powerful and can more effectively realize goals through an authentic connection with others.

Jim continues to share his expertise by offering Powerful Partnerships for Business Professionals and Powerful Partnerships for Couples programs. These programs have a transforming effect on relationships regardless of how long participants have felt stuck or unhappy in their business or personal lives. The programs also have a major impact on leadership, teamwork and productivity in business, and improve functioning for couples and families.

Since 1993, Dr. Jim has been serving as an executive coach to CEO’s and management teams of national corporations and top government managers, helping them to enhance their experience of power, freedom and peace of mind while increasing productivity.

In 2003, he received training in Continuous Improvement Management by Acura of North America. Based on the principles espoused by Dr. W. Edwards Deming and embraced by Japanese manufacturers, these principles enhance every process that touches customers in dealerships. With Jim’s help, sales, service and parts departments began to make incremental improvements in all of their processes.

Dr. Jim Goldstein’s recent book, Powerful Partnerships®: The Power to Transform Any Relationship into a Great One! is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

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