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Powerful Partnerships®: The Power to Transform Any Relationship into a Great One

Remember how you used to feel about your partner when you were first dating?

Powerful Partnerships® shows you exactly why those feelings fade and how to get them back. Without using force or manipulation you will learn how to speak and act so that your partner wants to please you. You’ll recapture the fun and excitement you used to enjoy. You’ll discover that whatever you felt for your partner when you first met is alive and well and waiting to be released. Without therapy or marriage counseling, Powerful Partnerships shows you in simple steps how to restore love and passion no matter how long it’s been since you felt that way. If your relationship is already great, you’ll learn how to keep great. You’ll spend less time arguing and more time on the same team. Your relationship will be the safe and loving platform from which you step forth into the world.

Amazon Customer Reviews

Star Star Star Star Star Practical and Actionable

By Steven J. Dorfman on January 19, 2011

What a great read! Whether you’re looking to maintain or enhance your romantic relationship — or better understand ALL of your relationships — this book can help. Dr. Goldstein writes in a way that is super easy to read and understand with real stories and examples from his many years of (successful) marriage AND his many years as a couples counselor. From its situational humor to its practical and actionable ideas, you’ll be glad you picked up this book. I really enjoyed it.

Star Star Star Star Star really effective relationship booster!

By Susanne on January 14, 2011

This book has very very (deceptively) simple guidance to follow which can dramatically alter all your relationships. Jim is really brilliant. In following his guidance, I became happier in all my relationships, so GUESS WHAT, all my relationships changed. Honestly, when I first read some of the things he suggests, I said to myself, “yeah, yeah, I have heard all this before”. But then I started doing them (because he has pared it down to the essentials, so it is easy to focus on exactly what to do), and voila, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt in my relationships and magically, they started doing more of what I wanted. Without my directing them to do anything; they just got in action. (They didn’t read the book and I didn’t even tell them about it.) It was amazing. Here I am talking about an ex-husband (we got the divorce 2 years ago but there was still a lot of “stuff” to get handled, mutually owned properties, that kind of thing), a mother, sisters, friends and clients. Each and every relationship got better. For me, some other self-help kinds of books have more suggestions, but here, Jim has focused on the really essential things that made dramatic changes in the way I feel and act.

Star Star Star Star Star …great resource to help keep my relationships on track…

By Randall Taussig on October 30, 2013

I found ‘powerful partnerships’ a great resource to help keep my relationships on track – both personally and professionally!  Jim has a great sense of humor, yet drives home the point that all powerful relationships start with the ability to speak one’s truth without exerting ‘force’ on your partner. He provides practical tools to help hone these skills and to truly develop powerful partnerships. I was so impressed, that I hired Jim to directly coach me in mastering this method of self expression.  I highly recommend the book and you can’t miss if you hire Jim to help you dive deeper into this process!

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