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…he unearthed for us the heart of our concerns and with some later coaching helped us resolve them..


Alison Samuelson

West Palm Beach, FL


We were very grateful to have met Dr. Jim Goldstein when we did..

Clone Minor little glitches are now resolved as they come up with no lingering residue of hurt feelings or resentment and we find ourselves spending most of our time feeling great about each other.

Rainer Lagemann

Modern Stainless Steel Sculptures


The Powerful Partnerships course was very practical and made a lot of sense..


Christine Wilton

Bel Air, MD

Powerful Partnerships for Couples:
The Private Couples Course

If you desire renewed love and passion in your personal relationship, you’ll WANT to read on. The feelings you and your partner have for one another have not dwindled; they are alive and well.

Think back to how it all began. . .

  • Remember how you felt when you and your partner were first dating?
  • Remember how good it felt to just be together regardless of what you did?
  • Remember wanting to please your partner just because you enjoyed making him or her happy?
  • Remember how easy it was to let little things go?
  • Remember how it felt to know your partner was attracted to you, thought you were great and wanted to get to know you better?

Powerful Partnerships for Couples Addresses the Following Issues:

  • Little or no sex and loss of passion
  • Infidelity or broken trust and lack of forgiveness
  • Emotional abuse and power struggles
  • Lack of appreciation/respect
  • Communication problems including intense arguments
  • Growing apart or feeling stuck
  • Step-family issues
  • Addictive behavior
  • ADD and ADHD issues
  • Unsuccessful previous experiences with counseling

Powerful Partnerships for Couples Oveview

If you are unhappy, experiencing problems in your relationship, or want to strengthen your bond, this is the unique solution you’ve been searching for.

Powerful Partnerships® for Couples is a unique program designed to help couples recapture the love and passion they felt for each other at the beginning of their relationships. It’s based on the premise that the feelings that brought you together have not gone away.

They are alive and well but may have, over time, become buried under the debris of:

  • Hurt feelings
  • Boundary violations
  • Unforgiving words and actions
  • Unkept promises
  • Unmet expectations
  • And more…

Problems like these suppress the natural expression of love and passion. It’s not surprising that many people express the sentiment, “I love you but I’m not in love with you.”

If You Suffer From Any of the Above, Powerful Partnerships for Couples Will Help You:

Without delving into problems or engaging in analysis, Jim shares practical things you can do and say to dramatically increase the love you feel for your partner (and yourself) regardless of your history or the current state of your relationship.

Powerful Partnerships for Couples helps you identify and express problems, healing you from past hurts while erasing your partner’s defensive feelings. Afterward, arguments decrease in number and intensity.

With Jim’s coaching, couples find that without using threats, guilt or coercion, they want to please one another just as they did when their relationships began. It really works, and practicing is fun.

You truly can transform any relationship into a great one!

With the Powerful Partnerships Private Weekend Course for Couples, you’ll learn to:

  • Quickly get back on the same team with your partner when things go off track
  • Achieve complete forgiveness after an upset so that you never feel like mentioning the incident again
  • Restore complete trust
  • Be with your partner in a way that rekindles his/her natural desire to please you
  • Be happier than you ever thought possible, even if your partner doesn’t participate in or is negative about working on the relationship
  • Enjoy a future that isn’t predictable from your past
  • Do and say what’s necessary to preserve and deepen your newly rediscovered love for one another
  • Take your partnership to the next level

With Jim’s coaching, you will:

  • Feel more grateful than you ever remember feeling and more appreciated than you ever felt in the past.
  • Laugh more and love better.
  • Enjoy being alone with your partner.
  • Learn where one another’s “buttons” are. You’ll express your love partly by not pushing them.
  • Go longer and longer between glitches (stuck places), and spend less time feeling stuck.
  • Identify exactly what bothers you, expressing feelings and desires in a way that heals you without arousing defensiveness, resistance or argument in your partner.
  • Feel that your partner’s physical appearance has improved. Whether or not this is empirically true, your beloved will become more attractive to you even if you can’t explain why. Love does that.
  • View your partnership as the safe platform from which you step forth into the world.
  • Erase all traces of past negativity. You may remember incidents but residual emotional energy will evaporate.
  • Enjoy more fun together than you thought possible.
  • Regain the desire to please your partner without necessarily understanding why. You’ll just want to.
  • Feel lucky and blessed.
  • Feel safe in your partner’s love.

And, your “old dog” will surprise you by showing you some “new tricks.”

A Multi-Sensory Experience: A Note from Jim

Unlike couples’ therapy, Powerful Partnerships for Couples is fun!

Jim developed Powerful Partnerships programs to provide you with the understanding and tools necessary to achieve the kind of personal and professional relationships you’ve always wanted.

Powerful Partnerships programs focus on two main areas:

  • A unique way of being with others
  • A special method of communication that, over time, gives you the freedom to express and enjoy authentic connections like the ones you felt when you and your partner first met.

You will experience this course as a unique multimedia presentation and receive expert coaching on how to master new techniques and partnership skills.

After the presentation concludes, you’ll receive hours of coaching from Jim, targeting unresolved issues and focusing on those aspects of the course which pertain most to your relationship.

You can ask Jim anything you want about putting your new knowledge into action. After working thousands of people over 20 years, Jim’s heard it all. There is nothing you can tell him that he can’t relate to and understand.

After the weekend, you receive a direct email with a written course summary, which includes exercises that you can practice. You’ll also receive Jim’s new book, Powerful Partnerships: The Power to Transform Any Relationship Into a Great One!

Find out how Powerful Partnerships can transform your relationship into what you’ve always wanted it to be. 

Call Jim now at (301) 340-6406.

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