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Core Purpose and Values

Dr. Jim Goldstein believes that committed relationships offer a unique opportunity for growth and happiness. After working with hundreds of couples he realized that despite their best intentions, most couples lose the feelings they had early on and gradually settle for less than they deserve.

Love, openness and a desire to please one another too often devolves into manipulation, force, mistrust and annoyance. He has figured out why this happens and has learned how to coach couples to recover the feelings they once had early in the relationship.

Powerful Partnerships equips you with the tools you need to positively transform even the most difficult relationships through effective self-expression. The result is astounding: increased joy and intimacy for you and your partner. The Powerful Partnerships program he created offers you the skills necessary to realize this purpose.

Transform any relationship into a great one through Powerful Partnerships®.



Experience more intimacy, fun and gratitude than you have felt in years.

Learn how to say what bothers you without it leading to an argument.

Quickly recover from hurts and annoyances and get back on the same team.

Learn to forgive so completely that the issues never comes to mind again.

Rekindle the attraction you felt when you first were dating.

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